George Dickel Powder Horn Whiskey Decanter 1964

Dickel Tennessee - Souvenir Bottle commemorating reopening of George Dickel Distillery - Sour Mash Drinking Whiskey

Rare first bottling, unique decanter. It's marked "27 Years of Stubbornness But We Made It". The side (vertically) is marked Dickel Tennessee First Bottling October 1964 - 1/4 Gallon - One Quart.  The main label on it says : "Special Bottling For (there is a place for a name to be written) - The 1st Bottling of Tennessee Dickel - Distilled and Bottled at George A. Dickel Original Site, Cascade Hollow, Tenn. - We waited 27 long years before we made a drop, so that we could distill Dickel's famous sour mash Tennessee drinking whiskey at the original site, using the same soft limestone water used by George Dickel back in the 1870s. Taste and enjoy this smooth whiskey as we tennesseeans do."

Real leather handle strap and base. Wood top. There is a 1/4" crack in the glass, and the leather is in vintage condition. 

The bottle is 15" from top to bottom, and 4 3/4" in diameter at the base. It is empty.

George Dickel Powder Horn Whiskey Decanter 1964
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